Quechua renting

Quechuas for single or Group renting


If you feel like sleeping in our Quechua paradisiac tents, bring your sleeping bag and mat and enjoy the privacy of your own tent - compared to hostels it's CHEAPER and much more FUN

You will still hear the snoring of your neighbor but won't smell his farts ;-)

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choose "Extra's?  - rent a tent" and for 6€ per night you have your private room . Don't forget to choose what sort of tent you are: Regular or School group.

example : 1 couple - 1 night = 30€ for private tent


If you feel like staying and renting our space with groups - we have all accomodations on site for this

No mats or sleeping bags, this you bring yourselves

16 tents for rent - indicate that you are a school group if that's true :-)

for example 30 kids (3 each in the green tents) + 4 adults in private/single tent (blue ones above)

(calculated with 1 adult or 3 kids per tent) =  296€/night