The café is open from Monday to Friday from 18h to 20h and Saturday and Sunday from 15h to 20h during the camping season.

CHECK BELOW FOR RENTING CONDITIONS for the whole space/building/campsite.


Our campsite and bar are not only for domestic and foreign tourists, but also for the many local residents and other inhabitants of Brussels, we want to create a haven that allows them to take a break, literally and figuratively, to slow down and relax. 

Our bar and campsite want to become a new meeting place and a new base, not only for the locals and other inhabitants of Brussels, but also for the many travellers.

Bring your picnic, come and play a game of ping-pong or petanque, or simply chill out and enjoy the peace and quiet.

We are also committed to offering local, fair trade and sustainable products.

And for those of you who feel like it, we also look for volunteers.


Our old petanque hall is an interesting event venue (400sq Metres!). We already have a marriage, parties, a foodtruck festival, concerts, open air electronic music afternoon, theater and many other events taking place on site. Of course we always have to keep in mind that people are visiting us to have a nice and quiet stay. Events during the camping season (mid april-mid octobre)  therefore need to end at midnight.


OPTIONS (including lighting and basic sound system)

Events lasting until midnight

o With bar staff of Camping '58 (1 pm - 00 am) + drinks purchased from Camping '58, cleaning included  (Formula A)

o With own bar staff (13.00 - 00.00) + your own drinks, cleaning by tenant (Formula B)

o Others formulas (e.g. own sound systems) - price to be agreed

Events lasting beyond midnight (up to 5 a.m.) only possible between 15 oct- 15 aprl

o  with own bar staff (17.00 - 05.00) + own drinks, cleaning by tenant 

o other formulas (e.g. own sound systems) - price to be negotiate

 *rental with camping facility can be refused if it overlaps with a major event in the area (e.g. Couleur Café).


- Revenue entrance for the tenant
- Administrator presence: bar staff at Formula A
- Bar: is organized by Camping '58 at Formula A, or by the lessee at Formula B (only fridges available), or otherwise to be discussed
- Cleaning: the room is left empty and clean.
- Security: not mandatory. It is mandatory that at least one adult person of the lessee is responsible for security during the whole event and can be recognized as such by e.g. a t-shirt.
- Hours: midnight or 5 am.
- during the camping season there is no access to the entire site


- Sound system: present DJ gear + speakers (extra material can be requested 

- Lighting system: present (additional equipment can be requested


- Sanitary facilities: yes (without staff)

- Vestry: yes, only with tenant's own people

- Accommodation in tents between April 15 and October 15, showers included. There is room for 30 tents (120 people)

- Ping-pong table + darts

15 tables - 50 chairs

Please contact us by email at info@camping58.be to talk about your booking needs.