Plan below - Small gate on the

middle- left -> ENTRY

(check link in your mail for 4 digit code or ask in whats-app)


the tents we rent are Quechua's. You recognize them by the number 1->5 painted on the sides. The principle is easy - don't go in a tent that's taken.


FLYBOX E4AC       password : kjUg3pwVE6J2     works best close to the fire extinguisher - no streaming please we have limited bandwidth -

For electricity

use anything you see as you feel like it - please no cords monopolization  :-) also the small fridge is yours to use - u can also use the pots and plates that are left there for u to use

For hard grounds

There is a small hammer hanging behind the door of the sanitary - our grounds can be hard


Also in the sanitary container we have some lockers available. Locks are for u to use there, we have spare keys in case of loss. Please only one locker per group!

Earplugs for the point below are available in locker number 4


We suffer quite often from street racers in the area. Police and town only come into action after we call them. So any given time at night that you are disturbed dial 101 and tell them about the racers. Often on the backside of the street located at the "tennis club Primerose" you can use the tennisclub as a reference to the police. Please do not hesitate to call, only then they will come and do something about it.

Any question do not hesitate to use whats-app or the phone +32492213157 please keep the gate closed at any time and report any problems or strange behavior around the campsite - Feel free to mention special needs in advance

Dogs are welcome! please clean up after them :-)